Aesthetic Life Studio

est. 2006

Modern. Organic. Timeless.

My name is Rodney Cool.  I am the founder and lead photographer of Aesthetic Life Studio.  I have been studying photography for almost 20 years, and established Aesthetic Life Studio in 2006.  Since the beginning we have specialized in wedding photography.

Wedding photography is an art form within itself.  It is different from every other branch of photography.  When photographing weddings I believe it is my job to tell a story and to capture an emotion.  When my clients view their wedding images 10, 20, or even 50 years from now I want those emotions to rush back to them so that for a moment they can step back in time and feel that day all over again.

That is why I am passionate about wedding photography.  There are few moments in life that are more powerful, beautiful, and emotional than a wedding day.  Capturing it isn't just about setting up a few family photos, or fun photos with the bridal party.  Those are very important, but it also means those split second moments.  Those moments when the person is photographed and not just their likeness.  The images that tell who they are and what they are feeling.

We create wedding images that are captured in a style that is modern, organic, and timeless.  We want our images to be cutting edge; something that very few people are doing.  Images that are captured in a way that is real and in the moment, and to create an end result that will stand the test of time.  We want you to love your wedding images today and for generations to come.  

So stay awhile! View our wedding and engagement galleries, read our reviews, and find out more about us.  Then, fill out the form and send us a note.  I love would love to speak with you about your day!

If you are not getting married, I would love to hear from you too!  View our 'other' gallery to see our portrait and commercial work.  I love photographing families, seniors, and working with businesses as well.  For more information fill out our contact form and I will be in touch as soon as possible.