We now have internships available!  This is not a position for a second shooter, so no equipment or photography experience is required, however, you must be 18 or older.  I am looking for energetic, outgoing interns, who love people, weddings, photography, and are willing to learn.  This would be great for a college student, anyone interested in becoming a photographer, or even a wedding planner/coordinator.  This internship would require weekend commitments for the 2015 season.  Most weekends have one wedding, but some do have two.  To make the commitment easier I would like to have 4 or 6 interns that could rotate weekends.  However, if an intern is willing and able to commit to every wedding we have booked in 2015, I am open to investing in that one person.  The responsibilities would include the following:

*Setting up lights
*Holding reflectors
*Being a human light stand
*Putting up with my 'organizational style'
*Putting up with my undiagnosed, but highly probable, ADD
*Putting up with me period
*Preforming magic (i.e. meeting my extremely high, unrealistic expectations)
*More very cool stuff. Trust me, you will love it!

You will have a ton of fun and love every minute. You will basically attend a party, eat awesome food, meet new people, and learn the ins and outs of one of the coolest jobs ever training with one of the top wedding professionals in the area.  At this time the intern will be helping at weddings, and will not be required to help in the studio during the week.  However, if an intern is interested in furthering his or her education the opportunity is available.  If interested fill out the application below!  We will be setting up interviews starting next week.

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Not every weekend is needed. We try to take one weekend off a month, but that is not guaranteed.