Every so often I am asked what equipment I bring to photograph a wedding.  This is usually asked by the groom who just loves technical things, or by a photographer who is hiring me to shoot his/her wedding. First, I'm a Nikon shooter.  At first it was just because that was the brand I started with, but now I prefer them for their color and contrast.  Bottom line is that I am bringing over $25,000 worth of equipment to shoot your day.  From memory cards to the camera body itself.  Weddings are very fast moving lowlight environments.  In order to capture moments correctly a photographer needs a very fast camera that can shoot in lowlight, and fast, sharp lenses that can do the same.  In the photo world that means expensive gear.  I invest in the best equipment to produce the best image quality.  At a wedding I might only have one shot at capturing an important moment, so getting the shot the first time is vital.  Here is a list of what I bring:

Main camera:  D4
Secondary/backup camera:  D700

Zoom Lenses:
14-24 f/2.8
24-70 f/2.8
70-200 vr f/2.8

Prime Lenses:
50 f/1.4
85 f/1.4
105 f/2.8

Additional Lights:
1 sb-910
3 sb-800
3 external battery packs
RadioPopper radio triggers
MagMod light modifiers and gels

We also bring tons of 32 gig memory cards and way more batteries than we need.  The D4 also has dual card slots.  I utilize those slots as an automatic back up.  Cards can and do die, so being able to automatically backup a card is a solid safe guard.