Top Ten Photography Commandments For Bridesmaids

The time has come- your friend is about to be the bride! You could have been work colleagues, sisters, sorority pals or childhood besties, but it all feels the same. She has grown up, found her life-long fella and wants you to be by her side for the day. Are you excited? Maybe, a little nervous? That’s normal- this is a big day for both the bride and you! Here are Top Ten Photography Commandments for Bridesmaids to help you make it through the day and to help the bride have some amazing photographs of you both!


This is a big one. In a world of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we are dying to get a beautiful picture with the bride and post it, but there is nothing worse than an anxious groom scrolling through his newsfeed and seeing the bride before the ceremony.  Save the uploads for the end of the night. Furthermore, besides snapping pictures, stay off your phone! This is a time of fellowship and fun between the ladies in the bridal suite, if the bride wanted someone else there- they would be there, and I’m sure the bride would appreciate some last minute no-screen time!


This goes without saying, but keep in mind today is the day the bride will remember for the rest of her life. Do everything to make it memorable for her. If she asked the photographer for candid shots, silly shots or for all eight bridesmaids to crowd in front of a tiny mirror for a photo- let them be taken without hesitation. The photographer knows how to pose you to make the shot look good, trust them and do it for your bride.


It is always disappointing for a bride when she is spending quality portrait time cleaning the bridal suite. Sometimes the photographer has an assistant who will do this for you girls, but imagine how many additional shots all the girls could have together if they did not have to spend time throwing away water bottles and moving piles of clothes around? As a rule of thumb the first bridesmaid who is ready should start to move everything to one small corner or side of the room. This makes the portrait space even larger for the bride! It is so much easier for the bridesmaids and bride to hop from the mirror to the couch when there is nothing in their way.


The bride has supplied you with a lovely matching robe, wear it proudly. And during pictures take off the leggings and pants. It defeats the purpose of matching robes when everyone wears non matching bottoms. The photographer understands they are sometimes shorter than expected and they will seat you on a couch or on a bed so nothing awkward is out!


When the bride or photographer gives you a time to be ready, please be ready at that time. There is an itinerary to follow and a look that is trying to be achieved. Photos of the bride getting ready ALWAYS look better when the bridesmaids are lined around the background and are fully dressed and matching. It is what makes these photos really come together.


Yes, you should always remember that this is the bride’s day, but this is also the day you watch your best friend get married. Be excited! Be happy! But mostly be confident! When a bridesmaid is self-conscience it makes you slouch, and in photos it looks like you are almost hiding within yourself. Stand tall! You and the bride will cherish these photos forever, make them happy and memorable.


This goes both ways. As a bridesmaid you accepted the responsibility to assist your bride in any way possible so make sure you are sober enough to do so. But also remember to literally watch the drinks. All the time drinks come very close to spilling- people are partying and having fun. Just make sure they are not spilled on you! However, if something would spill on you please do not let it ruin the evening. A good photographer is an even better editor. Just remember if club soda cannot get it out, Photoshop can!


Some of the best photographs are the ones of all the bridesmaids carrying on and having a good time. It is always best to bring up some actual hilarious events that the bride will even giggle about. This is also helpful to keep the bride calm and relaxed, since most of these photos are taken prior to the ceremony. Many girls think it looks awkward to laugh with their mouth open, but unfortunately a photograph is silent and for an emotion to be captured we need to see it.


Photographers are asked this question every single wedding. So here is the answer: while holding them in front of you down the aisle and posing for photos, you should have your wrist level with your belly button. It will look most natural this way and you will have them in the same spot each time.


This is a beautiful and big day for a bridesmaid! It is completely normal for happy and sad tears! But remember to smile while walking down that aisle. If you keep a sad or harsh face it won’t look as pretty in the final portraits. A smile, even if accompanied with a tear is the best thing you will wear all day!