Should I Have An "Unplugged" Wedding?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat seem to dominate our lives, but should they dominate your wedding ceremony? Here are a few reasons why we recommend having an "unplugged" wedding:

1. Flash and LED lights from guests' cameras and phones could ruin a professional image from an important moment.
2. A guest could walk in front of the photographer to capture an important moment, causing your photographer to miss it.
3. A guest might walk behind the officiant and cause a distraction for other guests trying to watch your vows. Plus, they will be in all of your ceremony images.
4. Guests will spend more time watching the ceremony through their phones, instead of being in the moment and watching you.
5. The sea of smartphones that will be in all of your ceremony photos, especially at key moments, like your walk down the aisle, when you exchange rings, or the kiss.

These moments are special and should be cherished, your guests should be more concerned about being at the event and not blasting your wedding on social media. Making your wedding "unplugged" does not have to be a rude or demanding task. A small sign at the entrance of the ceremony or a quick announcement from the officiant will do. Some even print it in the invitation.

Hiring a wedding photographer is an investment! You are investing in high quality photos you will have for a lifetime. So, for your wedding ceremony, talk to your photographer about creating an "unplugged" atmosphere. Trust me, they will appreciate it and you will have better photos (and maybe a better time) because of it.

Tell us what you think! What have you seen at weddings? Did we miss any reasons to have an unplugged wedding ceremony? What other ways have you seen brides let their guests know to keep the phones away during the vows?