Senior Portrait Sale

Well, somehow it is suddenly September and I know the last thing your kids love about September is that school is in session. However, the start of the school season is a bit more exciting for high school seniors. They are up for leads in the school plays, dominating the field while on sports teams and taking charge in the classroom while prepping for college. This a very exciting, nerve-wracking and special time for your teen. It is one of the last childhood things they will experience and one of the first moments of adulthood they will be exposed to. 

Capturing this moment is something you will not want to miss. You saved their first clay hand print, you filed away the first A+ they got in middle school and now you will want to capture the smile and hope on their faces as they embark on this journey. September is a perfect time to get those photos done before their classes, sports schedules and rehearsals get crazy. It is even a better time to book your Senior Portrait Session with Aesthetic Life Studio as we are running a sale of $99 a session and 20% off prints! Do not put off capturing this very important moment!