Eden Resort | Lancaster, PA | Caitlin & Seth

Last October, Rodney traveled to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to photograph the wedding of Caitlin and Seth at Eden Resort. Upon arrival, we found the bridal suite bustling with ladies getting their hair and make-up done so Rodney began photographing this and all the bridal details. After this, we traveled over to the groom’s suite to capture their pre-wedding moments as well as a gifting of a cooler of drinks for the boys! Then we went back the bridal suite to get the last moments of all the girls together putting the finishing touches on Caitlin. Once everyone was ready we set up and photographed the first look of Caitlin and Seth in the courtyard of the suites. We then were able to take all of the family, bridal party and couple photographs before the ceremony started.

The Ceremony

The ceremony space was decorated with candles and flowing draperies while also being covered in rose petal arrangements. The bridal party made their way down the aisle and took their place in the front. Caitlin was escorted down the aisle by her father and given away to her groom. Caitlin and Seth exchanged their vows and rings, shared a kiss and were pronounced husband and wife! After the ceremony, Caitlin noticed the rose petals left over and staged everyone for a quick photo op that can be found below!

The Reception

During the cocktail hour, the ceremony site was quickly turned flipped for the reception and the bridal party was announced in, as well as the new Mr. & Mrs.! After being toasted by their friends and family we had a quick moment to sneak the bride and groom outside for some rainy shots. Rain is good luck on your wedding day and it had to be documented, right? Caitlin and Seth then shared their first dance as husband and wife as well as a dance with their father and mother. After this, the cake was cut and the party was kicked off by a large dancing crowd! Caitlin and Seth are a match made in heaven and we wish them the very best!

The After Session

Unfortunately, it rained on Caitlin and Seth's wedding day, which changed up our plans. The original plan was to go to a local park to photograph the bridal party and the couple. So instead we photographed everyone in the courtyard before it started to pour. As part of our service, we offer an 'insurance plan' to our brides. If it rains on a couple's wedding day, and we cannot get the photos the couple wants due to weather, we will have a free session a few weeks later of the bride and groom. If possible this session is at their venue, but if not we find another beautiful location for their couple's photos. This was the case for Caitlyn and Seth, so a few weeks after their wedding day, we went to Renfrew Park and photographed an After Session for them. That evening was beautiful and we shot the photos Caitlyn always wanted.

The Vendors

Photographer: Rodney from Aesthetic Life Studio

Venue: Eden Resort

DJ: Klock Entertainment

Eden Resort Wedding Photos