Cortland Mansion | Hagerstown, MD | Heather & Rob's Wedding

Just last month, Rodney went out to Cortland Mansion to photograph the wedding of Heather and Rob. Cortland Mansion is located in Hagerstown, Maryland and lent itself beautifully for this wedding. Upon arriving, the bridesmaids were busy preparing for their day within the bridal suite at the mansion. The bride and bridesmaids were decked out in colorful robes while they got their hair and make-up done prior to getting dressed. And once the bride was dressed her father and her got to partake in their own first look before we took photos of the bride’s family and the bridal party. 

The Ceremony

This wedding was held directly outside the mansion and was surrounded by a hedge of greenery. The bridesmaids made their way down the aisle one by one with smiles on their faces. Heather walked with her father down the aisle and was given to her groom, Rob. There was a really adorable moment when the best man and maid of honor handed the rings over to the minister. The bride and groom said their vows, exchanged rings and shared their first kiss as husband and wife! Directly after the ceremony was cocktail hour, and for the family and bridal party that meant it was portrait time!

The Reception

Once we were done capturing this family and the new bride and groom we made our way indoors for the reception that was decorated with doses of blue, flowers and chalkboard signs galore. Heather and Rob were announced into their reception and went right into their first dance. The bride and groom made their rounds to each table and then were toasted by their friends and family. When it came time to cut the cake there was an extra special surprise for Heather’s dad as it was his birthday as well!  Along with the regular cake there was a themed brick cake for dad as well! After this the party was off with dancing, fun and even a sparkler send off! We wish Heather and Rob the best as we loved capturing their day!

The Vendors

Photographer: Rodney from Aesthetic Life Studio

Venue: Cortland Mansion

Caterer: Hempen Hill

Make-Up: Jordan K Winn


Cortland Mansion Wedding Photos