Colonial Williamsburg, VA // Personal Work - July 2015

This past week my family and I went to one of my favorite places on earth, Williamsburg, VA. Williamsburg is where Janelle and I spent our honeymoon and we fell in love with it. We both love history and old homes, and thankfully our kids love history as well. Of course, it helps that they (on Janelle's side) are a direct descendant of Pocahontas, and Thomas Jefferson is a great, great, great, etc uncle. A little detail I love to share when possible even though I think it embarrasses Janelle. :)

Anyway, when there I love to shoot the gardens and little details I find interesting. I am terrible at taking photos of my family. I figure those snapshots are what our iPhone is for. I didn't take that many photos this trip with my camera. I was trying to only shoot what I found the most interesting and beautiful. I did this because I just don't have the time to edit a ton of images I'm never going to use. Like everyone else, most of my images just sit on a hard drive.

Before we left I did find this little area in 100+ year old boxwoods. Within them was a little path and I could see an image with my daughter who just happened to be wearing the perfect outfit. After convincing her it was ok to go into the path (she is a big time rule follower and was afraid we would get into trouble) I posed her and took a few images. Below is the image Lily and I created together. She is very fun to photograph and usually comes up with her own ideas, but since she thought we were not allowed behind the gate, she was finished quickly. ha! Her feelings of apprehensiveness worked to my advantage, though, because she had the exact look and stance I wanted. And to any critics, yes, her feet are cut off, and yes, I did it on purpose. :)

We were fortunate enough to be in Colonial Williamsburg over July 4th. I wasn't going to share this image here, but here you go: