Merrilee & Giancarlo's LDS Temple Wedding in Washington DC

Merrilee and Giancarlo was married in June at the LDS Temple in Washington DC.  After the ceremony we traveled back to Chambersburg PA for a few photos at a private residence and then the reception at Norlo Park.

This was my first LDS Temple wedding, and, like my last post, things worked out differently than most of the weddings I shoot.  Mormon weddings at the Temple cannot be photographed.  So when I arrived I was waiting for the bride and groom to exit the Temple so we could start the formal photos of the family, bridal party, and of course, the couple.  That is why you will not see images of the dress, shoes, the bride getting ready, etc.  Merrilee and Giancarlo did take a few minutes at the reception for a ring exchange so their guests could be part of their wedding vows, so you will see that in the gallery.

It was a great day, and a great experience, though, and I hope to shoot many more LDS weddings at the Temple.  The grounds are beautiful!

Kelley and David's Wedding at the Artisphere in Washington DC

Kelley and David were married in June in Washington DC and had their reception at the Artisphere.  

This wedding had a few firsts for me.  It was the first time shooting at the Artisphere, the first time I visited the WWI monument in DC, (and, yes, we had our permits ready), and the first time I took a photo of the bride and groom with the bride's grandparents who were still at home in Texas.  You'll see what I mean as you check out their photos.

You'll notice something else different about this post, and that is the images are more traditional.  Kelley and David wanted to keep things simple and classic by having all of their bridal party and family photos taken at the church.  That is why you won't see images of the bridal party outside and why I choose to include a large family portrait in this post.  We always try to adjust to our clients wants and needs while still staying true to ourselves in what we do.  I think this wedding is a great example of that in that we had to step out of our norm and I feel we created some beautiful images for them.  Kelley and David were very happy with the results and referred David's best man to us for his wedding in April!