Emily & Justin's Green Grove Gardens Wedding

Our associate photographer Justin married his perfect match on Saturday at St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Chambersburg, PA.  Followed by an awesome reception at Green Grove Gardens in Greencastle, PA.

I've known Justin since 2009.  I first heard of him after he and my brother, Tim, decided to see what it would be like to live homeless under a bridge for a week in Hagerstown in the middle of December.  After seeing some of his photos from that experience and a few photos he took at some abandoned locations, I thought I would contact him to see if he would like to second shoot with me.  The rest is photographic history.

You get to know a guy pretty well when you shoot weddings and travel together.  I know more embarrassing stories about Justin than I do anyone else besides my own family.  He knows a few about me as well, which keeps me from sharing any of them.  To say that it would take an amazing woman to put up and keep up with Justin is an understatement.  The perfect fit for Justin would have to be just as twisted and borderline demented as he is.  

Since I've known Justin, he's went on a few dates with girls he met 'at a wedding' (which was code for online), but nothing ever paned out.  Probably because on the first date he would test her by telling the wait staff it was her birthday to see if she would put up with him.  I'm not sure if he actually did this, but I would not put it past him.

Then a little over two years ago I started to hear about Emily.  Right away I knew she was different mainly because I was given a name.  One day he asked to stop by so I could meet her.  As soon as I met Emily I knew I had met his wife.

Justin is one of the smartest guys I know, with razor sharp wit.  He is hilarious.  Emily is just as bright, quick witted, and funny.  I have met a lot of couples and shot hundreds of weddings.  I have never met a couple so perfectly matched.  I have zero doubt that these two were born for each other.  In his toast the best man said, "It was never 'if' Justin and Emily get married it was always 'when'".  I couldn't agree more.

Emily, you have married not just one of my favorite people, but one of the greatest guys on the planet.  I know he will spend his life making you happy.  As a father of a little girl I hope and pray my daughter finds a husband with as much loyalty, kindness, and integrity as Justin.

Justin, I know it's almost cliché to say 'I'm so happy for you', but it's true.  We have photographed hundreds of happy weddings together, and had a great time shooting them.  Your wedding was very different for me, though.  How many couples do you remember making each other laugh?  I can't think of any.  Your wedding was not happy, it was joyful.  Joy is the word for your wedding and marriage and I think it was felt by all who attended.  Happiness is fleeting.  Happiness is in the moment, but joy is a state of being, and is something that you and Emily embody when you are together.  I hope that years from now these images remind you both of that.


B&B - White Hall Manor in Greencastle, PA
Church - St. Paul's UMC in Chambersburg, PA
Reception - Green Grove Gardens in Greencastle, PA
Dresses & Tux - J&B Bridals
Hair - Hair by Kimberly
Florist - Everlasting Love Florist
DJ - Simply Yours