Long Exposure in the Backyard

Tonight, around 9:30 pm or so, I went to shut my bedroom shades and saw how the moon was casting some pretty cool shadows, so I decided to open the window, give my wife hypothermia, and take a few long exposure images.  These images are pretty much out of camera other than some slight adjustments in camera raw.  For you photographers that care about settings they were taken at ISO 200, 30.0, f/7.1.  

FYI, that streak in the sky is a plane.

Back in July I did the same thing on a night when there was a full moon.  It was also slightly hazy, and just looked awesome.  For the ones like me who are longing for warmer days, this is for you.

This had slightly different camera settings.  ISO 200, 30.0, f/5.6