2011 Our Best Year to Date - Thank You

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Thank you to everyone who has helped make 2011 our best year to date! To our graphic artist, Amanda:  Without you, we would be sunk.  You are amazing.  You do more work in one week than I ever could.  Thank you.

To Justin, the other photographer.  :)  You made a lot of brides cry this year, but luckily, all good tears.  I'm looking forward creating more tears with you next year, (and warning DJs that you will be requesting 'Baby Got Back'.)

To Jon, Jen, Hope, and Selena, thank you for being awesome second shooters!  Jon, I know you're now doing amazing things in New York, so don't forget us little guys when you start shooting for Vogue.  :)  Jen, Hope, and Selena, I hope we get to work together more in 2012!

To my amazing partner, manager, accountant, color editor, HR admin, secretary, wife, and mother of my two children, Janelle.  Who works from 9 am - 12 am some days, editing photos while still taking care of the kids and keeping our house spotless.  Thank you.  There really are not words to describe how much I appreciate you and all that you do.  Thank you for supporting me in this crazy endeavor, that has went from just me shooting 7 weddings a year for some extra money, to now needing 4 people, 13 hour days, juggling 100s of clients and orders.  You are the reason this place works.  Thank you.

I'm really looking forward to what 2012 has in store for us!  We are already on track to an even better year with lots of new opportunities!  Have a happy and safe New Year everyone!  To all of our 2012 brides, we are really looking forward to working with each one of you!  This next year will go by faster then you realize, so enjoy it!