Baby Aiden Update!

So, if you follow our facebook page (and you should be).  You know that my brother had his first baby boy on Friday!  That's right, I have a brand new nephew, Aiden Cool!  Well, very early on Saturday, Aiden started to show symptoms that something was very wrong.  Long story short, he was flown to the National Children's Hospital in DC, because of a congenital heart problem. Today I was finally able to see my nephew for the first time.  Even though the little guy is hooked to every possible machine with lines and tubes connected to him everywhere, he is still amazingly cute.  :)  He was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which in the world of congenital heart problems, on the scale of suck to really suck, this one really sucks.  It basically means the left side of his heart did not develop correctly, and doesn't work.  Left untreated he would have died in less than a month.  20+ years ago babies born with this condition never survived.  The good news is there are now procedures to fix it.  To keep this post simple, I'll just say the fix is 3 open heart surgeries over the next 2 years or so.  The first of which will happen this week, probably Thursday.  The second surgery will occur when he is around 6 months old, and the 3rd when he is 2 or so.  While the doctors are very positive that Aiden will be ok, it is still a frightening situation.  When a doctor tells you they have a 90% success rate, you still worry about the terrifying 10%.

However, my brother and sister-in-law are handling this with amazing strength and courage.  Strength and courage I'm not sure I would have if I were in their situation.  My brother even thought of the little guy across the curtain from Aiden.  For the past two days this tiny little baby did not have one single visitor.  This broke his heart, and while he couldn't go over and give this little one any attention, he decided to buy him a little stuffed dog to sit in his bed.  To think of someone else's child while going through his own hell really is who Danny is.

I wish I had a photo to share, because he really is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.  (Next to my own of course.)  :)  Tomorrow Danny and Becky will meet with the doctors to determine treatment, and possibly set surgery for this Thursday.  All I ask is that you please keep them in your prayers.  My family has been in ICU situations before, and what gets you through is faith and prayer.  We have seen first hand the miracles of God, and know He will take care of baby Aiden.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.