New Studio Coming to Waynesboro, PA

Well, it's official, and I can finally make our announcement!  We are building a brand new studio!  Since we started in 2005 I have run my business from my home.  While this was great for the beginning, we have out grown our space.  As most photographers do, we will still be located at our home, except this building, while attached, will be totally separate.  It will be designed to be a photography studio with an office, showing area, changing room, bathroom, and of course, the studio itself. We decided to build instead of rent for a number of reasons.  1.  The overhead for rental space is not cheap.  Since we won't have the higher costs of a downtown store front, we can price ourselves very competitively.  2.  Family.  I've been given this amazing opportunity to work where I live, to be here for my kids and watch them grow up while they are young.  Most dads don't have this luxury, and I wasn't about to give that up.  :)

We have several visions for the studio.  Including a more controlled environment for ad and commercial work, plus, studio rental opportunities for other area photographers, and marketing/ad firms.  We will also have some of the best photographic equipment to give our clients the best quality possible.

Having this space opens up huge opportunities for us to grow in business and in photography.  It also helps position us to become one of the areas most sought after visual artists.  We are still working out the exact specs, but I have a meeting with the contractor tomorrow to hopefully sort everything out, and we hope to have it open by late summer/early fall.

We are more than excited about this, and words cannot express how much we appreciate all of the support we have received from our family, friends, and especially our clients.  You, our clients make us.  I am 'self-employed'.  This is totally wrong.  I am employed by everyone who has ever used our services or purchased our art.  I'm supposed to be my own boss, but in reality, I have well over 200 bosses and counting, and all of you are awesome.  Thank you for not only helping me achieve my dreams, but for helping me to support and provide for my family by doing what I love.  I hesitate to say 'what I'm passionate about', because, while I do love photography, it is not my 'passion'.  God, my family, and my kids, are my passion; everything I do, I do for them.  I'm just fortunate enough to have a gift that allows me to see and then create beauty through photography, and I'm even more fortunate to have amazing clients who share my love for art and beauty.  Thank you.