Family Photo Event Pricing Available!

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We have just released our pricing for this event!  Super low prices, even lower than a certain chain that is located in many malls.  :)  For example:  25 Christmas/Holiday Cards Their price: $34.95.  Our price: $24.99!!! We worked very hard to figure out the cheapest possible price, while still offering you professional quality prints!  To see more prices and to booked your session online, click on the link below:

Holiday Family Event Pricing!

Our reason for such low prices is that we wanted to be able to bless new and current clients with a very inexpensive, and very quick way to get their Christmas/Holiday shopping done.  I've been jokingly calling this McDonald's photography.  :)  As McDonald's offers fast, tasty food (admit it, it's good) :), with great service, and cheap prices; we are offering good, quality, photos, with awesome service, cheap prices, and a super fast turnaround.  While we are a higher end wedding photography studio, we still understand there is a need for this kind of service, and there is no greater need than this time of year.  I hope you can all take advantage of this awesome event.  Feel free to purchase your time online, and then contact us for your appointment, (we are unable to make appointments online at this time) we have a limited number of slots available!