HM Bride's Publisher Booked Me for Her Wedding!

It's official!  The publisher of HM Bride Magazine and owner of Ridgerunner Publishing has booked Aesthetic Life Studio to shoot her wedding!  Kate, and her groom-to-be, Scott, are just a great couple, and are really helping to make a difference in Hagerstown.  Through their businesses, they are providing high quality publications and web design that brings pride and awareness to the great resources we have in the area.  Kate is the publisher of HM Bride, the areas best wedding magazine.  She runs and owns Ridgerunner Publishing, which also publishes Hagerstown Magazine, Smart Company, and several others.  Check them out at:

Scott is one of the partners at 2nd Floor, an awesome web design company with offices in Hagerstown and Chambersburg.  Some of their clients include Adidas, City of Hagerstown, Caterpillar, and Timberland.  You can find their site at:

Kate and Scott are great, and I'm very excited to be shooting their wedding.  We had their engagement session about a week ago at Renfrew Park in Waynesboro, PA.  They brought their babies, Loki, Jake, and Star.  Three very well behaved, very sweet dogs.  Here are the pics:

This is probably my favorite photo from the session.  The dogs looking straight ahead, the texture of the bridge, the symmetry, and how the lines of the bridge lead your eyes right to Kate and Scott, just make this a good shot.

I actually met with Kate yesterday at her venue, Stone Manor Country Club, located in Middletown, MD.  The manor and grounds are gorgeous!  I can't wait to shoot there.  Here are some shots I got today as Kate was showing me around:  (I know there are way more than I showed of the e-session, but it's a huge mansion with lots of rooms and details.  I could have shot all day, so this is just a taste.)

All of the inside photos required no flash, that is all ambient light, a photographers dream.  The owner of the manor was worried I was going to bring in lights, tripods, wires, etc. But, for one, I travel light anyway, but even more, who would want to add to the natural light already coming in?  Now, if it was an evening wedding, sure, you would need it, but this is an afternoon wedding, around the same time I took these shots, so, no, there is no way I would add light, it would take away from the natural beauty.  If anyone is looking for a venue, check them out.  These photos are barely a glimpse of how beautiful it is.

On another related note.  I'm already freelancing for Ridgerunner, and I've been published in a couple magazines already (blog post to come), but I'm really looking forward to doing some work for the yearly bridal issue.  The very little I do know about it is going to be awesome, just right up my alley, so I'm very excited about some up coming shoots.  It won't be available until the end of this year or beginning of next, so keep a look out!

This wedding is going to be a blast, and I'm honored that Kate and Scott choose me to shoot their wedding. Thank you Kate and Scott!