Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-14

  • going to a meeting with a potenial client & looking forward to meeting my e-session winners. :) #
  • back from an awesome meeting, thanks Toni & Joel! Now time to work on some photos. #
  • racking my brain trying to figure out an album design. #
  • Getting ready for a meeting with Megan and Brad at 10 am, and then off to Emmitsburg for another meeting at 2 pm. Wish me luck! #
  • off to meet Maggie & Dave about their June 2010 wedding. :) #
  • I now only have 2 Saturdays available in June 2010. Today was a good day. :) That makes 3 for 2010 already! #
  • I'm off to a deacon meeting. I almost forgot about it. Good thing my phone reminded me. :) #
  • cnn headline: "Credit card biz may have 'awful year'. Drudgereport headline: 'Citi Claims Profit'. Citi Having Best Quarter since '07. #
  • working on photos for Lema's album today, and at 2 pm, a meeting with Ashlee for her July '09 wedding. :) #
  • Had a great meeting with Ashlee, I now only have one Saturday open in July! July 4th is available, any takers? :) #
  • on the way to Frederick to meet a potenial client for her Aug 09 wedding. Wish me luck! #
  • @ Panera in Frederick. Waiting for the latte' machine to be fixed. @ least my meeting went well. :) #
  • Back home from a great meeting. I love meeting at Panera, it gives me a reason to get a decaff caramel latte. :) #

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