Today I Saw a Robin in Waynesboro PA

Spring is around the corner.  I have proof!  Well, kind of.  I saw several robins today in my back yard.  I have a photo of the first one I saw.  I snapped it with my camera phone, so it's super high quality.  :)

What?  You can't see it?  Well, trust me, it's there.

Anyway, this has been a pretty productive week.  I met with my engagement session winners from the HM Bridal Gala, I finished a wedding album, and today I met with two clients for June 2010 weddings, both of them signing a contract today.  Thanks, Megan and Brad, and Maggie and Dave!  (June 5th and 12th 2010 are now unavailable, unless I hire someone to shoot weddings on their own, something I'm seriously thinking about for next year.)  I also sent out a contract for a July 11, 2009 wedding, and received a retainer for May 15, 2010.  Not to mention the pending contract I have for May 17th of this year.  That might have been from last week, though.  :)  Oh, one other thing, I got some 'senior rep cards' out to a 2009 client.  I was very pleased with these cards and will be posting them soon.

All this and I still had time to go out this evening in the 70 degree weather with my boy to play a little.  That makes for a good day.

I have several things in the works for the coming weeks and year.  Most of the things I'm working on I'm not ready to announce because they are in the planning stages or haven't been officially finalized.  But, rest assured they will be awesome.  :)