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So I was working on a few photos to put up on my blog from a resent wedding I just made available online.  Well one of the photos was a portrait of the bride on a chair, which was taken before the wedding.  This photo had everything going for it.  Beautiful bride, awesome ambient light, cute little setting, gorgeous bouquet, and a clear plastic bag next to the chair.  Yes, a clear, distracting, plastic bag.  >:(  I don't know how I missed it, but I did.  Thank God for Photoshop.  Now I learned a long time ago, that even though I'm working with digital photography, I still need to move or avoid distracting objects in frame.  If I don't, it causes a TON of work.  I saw this photo though, and I thought it could serve as a great example of a before and after processing.  I was actually able to remove the ginormous bag and reconstruct the background all with Photoshop.  Now, this can't be done all the time, but if you have data to work with it is possible.  So here you go the before and after:

To be honest, this isn't my best work, in fact as I write this I see an area that needs a little more work, but yeah, this is just for a blog example.  :)  I've actually had to rebuild an entire window seat before, because a TV was in front of it.  Now that was hours of work, but I'm proud to say that if you saw the photo you would never know it was there.  :)  Besides removing the bag you may also notice that I bumped up the color and contrast a bit for just a little added pop.  Plus I added a slight bit of sharpening.  Quick note on sharpening.  If you shoot with a DSLR (and if you shoot with one you know it) :) and shoot raw, you always want to add some sharpening to your photos before making them jpegs.  Your camera raw camera files are automatically soft.  So increase the photo size to at least 100% and sharpen.  Your tip of the day.  ;)  Ok, let me know what you think of the before and after shot!

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