First Post

Ok, so here is my first post on my brand spank'n new blog.  :)  I'm not completely finished with it, but I think it's ok enough to start posting. Tomorrow I have a senior session with a beautiful young girl.  I've actually known her since she was barely in Kindergarten.  I'm almost 30 and knowing she is graduating this year makes me feel even older.  Oh well.  I am looking forward to the shoot, and I'm stock full of ideas.  I'm hoping she will bring her prom dress from last year.  The leaves are at full peak so I know those images would rock.  Hopefully I'll have some of her snaps up in a few days, that is after I get through the mountain of wedding images I need to put online, not to mention the tower of albums I need to put together.  At least I'm busy.  :)

I will be making individual post for each of my '08 shoots too, seniors, e-sessions (engagement sessions), weddings, etc...